crown capital management news: Paradise lost as once beautiful Bali buckles under forklifts and fallacies


When Indonesian Tourism Minister Mari Pangestu recently briefed officials and hoteliers on the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit to be held in Bali next year, she didn’t mince her words: clean up Bali’s image.


That agenda will need to move at a cracking pace if Bali is to shape up in time. Titled Resilient Asia, Engine of Global Growth, APEC will showcase an island where environmental and pollution woes have spun out of control. The minister aims to promote a “clean, green, beautiful Bali … and make it sustainable not just for APEC” but for the future. And she cautioned: “As soon as you have a meeting of international leaders you’re going to have a lot of media … and they will look for stories. They will go all over the island.”


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